Indian Cartoons vs. Anime- (Top 7 Comparisons)


 Indian Cartoons vs. Anime is the comparison between the important things in each of the industries. The matter of priorities that each industry thinks is important in their point of view. In this comparison, You will see the important aspects that these industries focus on and there pros and cons.

No 1) Age group of the target audience-

In Indian cartoons, the target audience is mostly in the range of 4 to 12 years of age. The cartoons like “Chota Bheem”, “roll no 21”,” Motu Patlu” and many other similar cartoons are just focused on the engagement of the young kids. An adult or a teenager would hardly enjoy watching such series because they are not really meant for them

As for the Anime part Anime currently focuses on all the Age range of audiences. It is found that even people from 25 to 30 years enjoy Anime in their free time. The Estimate range of audiences is from 10 years to 30 years. There are more options in the genre and the type of Anime; I mean there are countless anime to watch. The reason that Anime holds such a big audience can be understood in the following comparisons.

No2) Animation style-

As you may have already noticed the animation style used in the Indian Cartoons almost look the same. The Mindset behind this is that is, is this works with the audience there is no need to invent a new style of animation. If you think for a time being it looks like the best option and judging from India’s current condition regarding the no of Good Animation studios (which is really low). Despite the rapid growth in this industry, it is still hard for the studios to cope up with the animation level of the anime.

Chota bheem Animation style
Chota bheem Animation style

The other reason is there is no need for such high-level animation in the Indian Cartoons currently as there is no scenery scenes and a high level of fights in the Indian Cartoons.

Anime on the other hand tries different types of animations to stand out in such an intensely competitive environment. There are literally 1000+ anime and to stand out you have to try different things. The level of the animations is really really high from the Indian cartoons as they have many professional animation studios doing this work for a long time. Also, the whole essence of the anime depends on the high-level scenes and epic battles in the Anime.

Anime Adaptation styles
Anime Adaptation style

No 3) Children friendliness and compatibility-

 The Indian government and similarly many other government bodies oppose Anime broadcasting in the Televisions for its Children Friendliness and compatibility. As you know the Indian cartoons never show blood, violence, and any other kind of profanity.

Anime doesn’t care about these things as it is full of violence and fighting scenes. Even My most favorite anime of childhood Naruto is full of violence and Adult themed jokes. There are many of the anime like Death Note that is banned in many countries for having a bad impact on the Children’s mindsets.

No 4) Storyline-

  Indian cartoons are more focused on the learning from the cartoons such as Tenali Rama, Akhbar, and Birbal, Vikram and Betal (here I am not considering Chota Bheem and Motu Patlu because they are total shit No offense to the writers they are doing a great job if the kids are liking their work, But there is almost no storyline and teachings in such kind of Cartoons). The moral of the story in India is more important in Indian Cartoons than the storyline itself.

  In Anime the things that are more focused are epic fights, thrill, suspense, and a great storyline. Anime is nothing without a great storyline. The plots need to be good and there should be a suspenseful ending that keeps the user engaged and wanting to watch what will happen in the next episodes. Unlike the Indian Cartoons in which the story ends with the episode and a new story will begin in the next episode. There is no continuation of the storyline and no specific end of the story.

No 5) Promotion of the Industry-

In India, the cartoons like Chota Bheem and Motu Patlu are given more priority in the promotions then the good comics such as “Odaayan”,” Chakra”, “Doga”,” Nagraj”,” Parmaanu”,” Shaitaan” and many other unrecognized comics that would have made a great anime to watch in India if was supported in a right way and if it was taken into consideration for animation. Still, India is in the developing stage for this Industry. I hope these great comics and their writers will get their deserved recognition in the future.

Nagraj Comic
Nagraj Comic

 As for the Anime, the Manga is really the most important part of the promotion. The work of the Mangaka is being rightly and thoroughly promoted. The support from the audiences is great and it is thus accepted by all over the world if the right things are being promoted.

No 6) Teachings-

  The Indian Cartoons are more focused on the teachings that are related to the history of India and the Ancient culture that has been passed through the generations. This is not a bad thing to teach the Children but the current trending Cartoons that are currently being broadcasted are not even doing this job properly. The moral of the story is missing in the current era of Cartoon generation.

One piece Friendship
Importance of friendship

In Anime the main focus is entertainment but still, there are many direct and indirect teachings throughout the story. I personally have learned a lot from Naruto and One piece, things such as “Always follow your Dreams”, never-give-up attitude, the importance of friendship and companion. There are many things one can learn from anime besides the thrill and the entertainment. Check this article- 10 reasons to watch Anime.

Naruto Anime teaching
Never give-up Attitude

No 7) Writers support and recognition-

  In India, the comic writers are often left in the dark. The people watch their cartoons adaptations and don’t even remember their names. It is really important to give the writers the recognition and gratitude they deserved. The condition of the comic writers whose work is haven’t been Adapted into animation is in the worse conditions. This is why the parents are not supporting many of the children in their dream of becoming a Comic writer because it is not even considered in the career option; it is always considered in the hobby and not a full-time career.

Comic writers
Comic Writer (Mangaka)

In Anime the Mangakas are really respected and recognized in the world. They are often given the title of “Sensei” (Master) with respect. There are comic-con and Anime-cons that are organized to gather the Anime fans all over the world to appreciate the love of Anime. Recently these functions have started in some places in India too on a yearly basis. I hope the Indian writers also get the same amount of love and recognition in the near future.

Anime con/ Comic con
Anime con

So these are the top 7 comparisons between the Indian Cartoon vs. Anime. Both have their Pros and Cons and a different perspective towards the animation Industry. I hope they can learn from each other and make themselves even better.

If you think of any other important point that I have missed please let me know in the comment section. We highly appreciate the views of our fellow otakus.

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