Why there are no Indian Mangakas??!!

Ever Wondered why there are no Indian Mangaka? Are there Any Indian Anime?

If you don’t know what a mangaka is it’s basically a Japanese word for a comic writer. Being a mangaka is considered a very respectable job in Japan and the Mangaka are often called “Sensei” meaning teacher or master with respect. As the fan base for Manga and Anime is increasing rapidly in India and the Comic-con (Anime-Con) is also starting to take interest in India, the question arises is that why are no Indian Mangaka Emerging out despite the Unlimited potential present in India.

     First of all being a Mangaka is no easy task. For being a Mangaka you have to be a-

1.Brilliant Writer

Being a mangaka the most important is the storyline. A good manga (comic) starts with a great storyline. This is the main base for the start of any manga. But here is the twist that even if your storyline is good, the character development is good, you should be able to express it to the audience the way you think it and feel about it.

 This is the hardest part, to deliver the story as it is in your mind. The skill needed here is the skill of storytelling. 

2. Remarkable Artist-  

The next skill required is the skillful art representations. If you have the right skill of storytelling you should be able to represent the story through your art.

There are many things that makes your drawing good-

  • Point of view
  • Character emotions and expressions
  • Able to show motions through the proper use of lines and dashes
  • you should be able to evoke emotions in the reader’s mind and heart
  • Creativity to makes the fighting scenes interactive with the reader(if it’s a shonen manga)

           Developing these skills requires a lot of practice and the practice needs dedication it takes time to develop these skill and it is learned solely through trial and error.

3.A wonderful Colourist-

Most of the manga are black and white these are the only two colours used in traditional manga. But nowadays the coloured versions are being printed for some of the latest manga.

   Ok! So coming back to the point, the manga uses the shades of black and white colours to represent the whole story except for the book cover it is always the coloured version to attract the customers. The real deal here is the proper use of line and the hatchings used to fill the blank spots. The tones used on the manga are also a real deal, as it could make or break your manga.

4.A great salesman-

This is the skill most of the people ignore for being a great mangaka. Being able to sell your story to the publishers is by far the hardest thing to do for any mangaka. The publishers are choosy if you are new in this field and if this is your Debut manga (first manga).

You should be ready with your synopsis (A shorter version of your whole story probably in one paragraph. It should tell the whole storyline of your manga) and the first three chapters of fully inked pages before approaching any of the publishers.

5.A sensible marketer-  

First of all you should have a clear picture of your target audience in your mind. This part comes in the market research this skill is often neglected. The second thing is the selection of your publishers you have to choose the perfect option for your manga depending upon the reader’s community that each of the publishing houses has. Does it contain your target audience?

So these are the skills that you need to have, to become a Mangaka!!

Now coming to the supplies that you need to become a Mangaka-

 The supplies needed for a mangaka are too vast and costly. Just a set of Copic markers cost 17000Rs that’s approximately 240 dollars. And this is just the cost of the colour markers this doesn’t count the pencils, black markers, the special pages made for making mangas.

The above list doesn’t contain the cost of the pc and scanners, the drawing tablets, etc. The time schedule of a famous Mangaka Ichiro Oda sensei will surely blow your mind just take a look at the schedule shown on Google just search Mangaka’s daily schedule.

So after listening to all this you still want to become a mangaka then hats off to you! You are one of the bravest kinds! Though there is no competition in India like in Japan. It’s very difficult to become a mangaka in India. It’s always hard to be the first one to start.

It is said that

“You are scared the most when you are about to start”

So take your first step and take action if this is your dream!! Find the Elite-One in yourself!! 

The Indian Scenario-

 In India, there are no Manga teaching schools Like Japan, and most of the schooling system is not able to provide the above skills that are needed to become a Mangaka.

 Talking about the mentality of the Indian Otakus they think that Japanese anime is the best and indeed they are but we should give a chance to our own Indian comics too, such as Doga, Nagraj, Shakti. If these comics to are supported like the Japanese anime these comics might also get a chance to get animated giving hopes to the upcoming generations to become a Mangaka.

Currently, the Indian Parents and the students themselves don’t consider a Mangaka (Comic writing) as a profound career option as it is in Japan. It might take some time to change the mindset of Indians to look it as a lifetime career.

Indian Comic Companies-  

 The Indian comic companies mostly prefer the mythological story based on the Indian culture but there are many companies who are interested in genuine stories containing fiction, romance, and action or should I say shoujo and shonen comics. There are many good Indian publishing companies such as-

  • Amar Chitra Katha
  • Balarama
  • Champak
  • Raj Comics
  • Tinkle
  • Diamond Comics
  • Level 10 Comics

And the list goes on. So choose your options carefully.

The comic companies require you to complete the comic that you are working on. Even though you don’t have any funding to buy the art supplies and a perfect team. I know I know this really sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth. So you have to invest your money to make the comic and after investing so much time and money the comic companies will decide whether to launch or publish your comic or not.

Above are the reasons that I think for not having Indian Mangaka.

But the competition here is only 1/100percentage of the japan. So if you really want to make a manga there is still hope.

Start small start writing small stories don’t worry about the supplies use cheapest colour pencils and pages then think about using the best art supplies when you are really going professional!!

Try to make 15 to 20 pages stories and learn about the market how to find a publisher and which publish company and audience to Target.

Start your mangaka journey soon. 

Soon India will have their Own Mangaka and Indian Anime.

India has too many talents. But you Yes! You have to take the first step become the first and let others follow you.

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