One-piece Gold Movie Review and Ratings


If you are a one-piece fan you might have already heard of the one-piece Gold movie. And might be wondering to watch it or not. I think you will get these answers here.

Weird characters


    One-piece Gold movie is based on the fun adventures of Luffy and his pirate crew who were just wandering in the sea. And then they come across the ship made of gold, which is actually huge to be of gold. As usual, Luffy rushes to the ship to look for further thrilling adventures and with the intent of finding something amusing. 

They find this place quite attractive. They eventually find themselves in the casino where they start gambling and winning a lot of money. But then something happens and they find themselves in a large debt they can never pay off. And they were tricked into it. It eventually stirs up into a conflict. And as you know where the fun begins.

One Piece Gold Movie Review

  The villain is a very rich person who ate the gold gold fruit. He is so rich that even the Marines didn’t bother him. Now Luffy and his crew have to fight this guy and his crew or they will become slaves of his command until the debt is paid.

Why you should watch it ??

   Of course, if you are a die-hard fan of one piece you should watch One-piece Gold movie. Others you might watch it If I tell you that it really has a good fight because that’s what everyone looking for. Rob Lucci a member of CP 0 also fights sabo in this movie if this doesn’t Spark the excitement in you then I don’t know what will. Overall it is a good movie, it’s 2 hours long and I think you will enjoy these 2 hours.

One piece Anime

Ratings-one-piece Gold movie

Action- 10 out of 10

Drama/Romance- 3 out of 10

Gag- 7 out of 10

Suspense- 6 out of 10

Plot- 8 out of 10

Thrill- 6 out of 10

Characters- 8 out of 10

Anime Ost- 6 out of 10

Animations- 8 out of 10

 But if you haven’t seen one piece. I will have to say you that you really have to watch one piece first. To know more about One piece click here- One piece Anime all you need to know About

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