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Must Read!!- 10 Reasons for Watching Anime

  First of all, if you don’t know what is Anime it’s a short form of Japanese Animation series, which are made from the manga (Japanese Comics). I have been watching Anime for 6 to 7 Years now and these are the 10 reasons for watching Anime that I think the Newcomers should know!

1. Dreams-

   I have found my dream watching anime; most of the Anime is based on dreams and the fulfillment of them. Anime taught me that it is very important for you to find a dream that is important and has a deep meaning in your life.

  If you are a boat on the harbor starting your journey, you have to have a goal a dream where you want to go; otherwise, it would be just mindless drifting across the sea and ocean never finding peace and satisfaction. Watching Naruto and One piece taught me this. Luffy taught me this through a single line

I am OK with dying in the process of fulfilling my dream

  Luffy and Naruto always affirm to themselves in each and every episode that “Luffy is going to be a Pirate King” and “Naruto is going to be Hokage”. And this is how the concept of the dream is embedded into the mindset of an Otaku. I hope many of you agree with me

2. Living many lives in one life-

If you have grown watching any Anime at the end of the anime you feel like you have lived one life of the character and there are so many characters in one anime you learn from. Their growth from their childhood to adulthood. you go through every emotion they go through. Living many lives in one life, Right!! It is a superpower that only we Otaku have!

Not only we have this but we also lived the life of the writer himself. It is said that the writer writes his story from his own life experience in some way or another. We are so glad that we can learn from the experience of the great Mangaka. My mentor always says that we should learn from great people, learn from their life experiences, and apply them to our life.

An Anime is a type of a biography of the Mangaka and the things that he learned from his life.

3.Excercise motivation-

If you are already an otaku then you should probably know how much you get hyped up after watching dragon ball to start training like Goku and build a physique like him.

Anime excercise motivation

Anime has one of the most rigorous trainings that anyone can imagine, but what makes it more awesome is the characters like Rock Lee, Guy Sensei, Naruto, Baki, Goku, Zoro, Asta and most of the other anime characters are that these guys trained even when the odds were against them. Every Otaku remembers the legendary fight between Rock Lee and Gaara. I myself started training my body through these inspirations.

4.feeling the thrill/goosebumps-

Coming to the main point why most of the Otaku Watch Anime i.e. Goosebumps and the rush of adrenaline skyrocketing through your body. Some people do drugs to feel such kind of emotions, I feel sorry for them that they don’t know they can get the same rush through anime.

Anime thrills

Not only Goosebumps but we also feel different types of emotions in our minds. I have literally seen people crying watching Anime (I have cried myself too on plenty of occasions). Comment down the moments when you have cried watching anime!!

5. Never give-up attitude-

“I won’t give-up and that’s my Ninja way”

Anime quotes

This is the No. 1 thing that has been put into my mindset since childhood. Basically anime teaches us the way of living. It always taught me to fight till the last no matter what the conditions are. Despite the challenges in life we should never give up.

6. Waifu’s unbeatable love-

You knew I had this coming!! One of the main reasons you are probably here for.

Ok let’s get real. The most awesome advantage of watching anime “Waifu”.

Who need real life girls if all you want is a 2d kawaii Girls drawn by some Japanese man. Yeah!! That’s all we need.

waifu girl

  Even after those cruel heart-breaking rejections by real-life crushes, you finally found someone who can’t reject you. And guess what all of this possible because of anime.

7. awesome anime soundtrack/songs-

When you are an Otaku you don’t need to find good songs to listen to. They come to you in the form of opening and ending songs. Who knew Japanese songs will be so melodious and rocking even though you can’t understand a single word.

Anime soundtracks

  The high notes, the energy, and the video with amazing action scenes make it more efficient. I listen to these songs when I want to energize myself. They include every type of genre that you can choose from.

8.Spiritual development-

Like every series or Movie, Anime also has a hero and a Villain but as it is a very long series you get to know the perspective of both the characters, the decisions they make, and the course they go through in life that makes them what they are.

 There is so much to learn from anime if you see from the right perspective. It helps us to develop the right decision-making mindset.

9. helps you connect with people-

Anime has made a giant community of Otakus in the past decade. Due to technology, the Otakus from all around the world connect with each other, sharing their favorite anime with others and discussing their experience with the people they don’t even know about. This is the power of Anime; there is no racism no partiality.

Anime community
Otaku Gathering At Comic-con

 If two people like the same Anime they connect easily and become friends faster. Like I found you awesome people reading my article now. We have so much to talk about, even if you don’t know me.

10. helps you understand and build relationships-

  You may have watched numerous amount of romantic movies but you won’t understand real love if you haven’t watched Romance and slice of life genre in the Anime worlds. The Mangaka do wonderful research on human behavior to make their Anime interesting and familiar to us.

Anime reason

I think these are the top ten reasons that I think you should start watching Anime for.

There are many reasons for watching anime (Honourable mentions)

  • Its help us understand the beautiful Japanese culture and rituals
  • Unlike most of the Series and movies where men are most of the time the main focus, there are Anime in which the Female characters are the main focus (As I said above there is no partiality in the anime world) and of course they are badass.
  • There are endless options to choose from. There are over 10000 anime series released for you to watch. So you don’t need to worry about running out of anime to watch
  • The most obvious reason, it’s entertaining and action-packed with so many twists and good storylines
  • The last reason- there Anime like One piece which will never end!!

Well, that’s it. I hope these are enough reasons for you to start watching anime. Comment down if you know of any other reason to watch Anime that we have missed out. We highly appreciate your views of our fellow Otakus.

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