Is Motu and patlu really good for kids?

Motu patlu is fairly popular in India and among the kids of this era where how the time is used is very important. Even though if the time is used in watching cartoons.

Motu patlu does no good to the children watching in any terms of learning and knowledge. It is really a waste of time for the children. The teachings in Motu Patlu promote the kids to eat junk food and are to steal for the poor vendors.


Motu Patlu’s story is basically their daily lives and activities in the Furifuri Nagar. The Cartoon show basically focuses on the two characters always finding themselves in trouble and other tense situations in a comical way, later trying to solve their problems they are always rescued by sheer dumb luck. The character Motu is the fat guy who wants to eat samosa and always steals them from the local chaiwala vendor who makes the best samosa in the city.

Motu Patlu Review

Patlu is the smart character in this Cartoon who solves the mess created by the dumb Motu. There are many other characters such as Ghasitaram, Dr. Jhatka, and police officer Chingum who help them frequently and I mean in every episode to solve their problems.

The main twist in this Motu Patlu Cartoon is that Motu gains temporary more strength and energy after eating Samosa (Which is a Junk food).

The main villain in this Motu patlu cartoon is a criminal called “John the don” who is always with his two henchmen that are bulky guys with no brain number 1 and number2. The only dream of John the Don is to become the number one Don but the Motu patlu always succeed to fail is plans in some way or another.

Pros and Cons of watching Motu and Patlu-


The only good thing that Motu Patlu teaches the kids are Patriotism and to love the people around you.


Motu Patlu TV show is mainly focused on one main thing that is Samosa which is junk food. There is also a saying in the show

“Drink Samosa and Eat Chai”

And another saying

“Rats are running in my stomach”

You will hear these two sentences in almost every episode. The only things these sayings promote is obesity and the love of fast food/ junk food in the mindset of young children. It also shows that Moyu Gains strength and power temporarily when he eats samosa like Chota Bheem gets his power from Laddu. The question is how do they find these concepts that eating sweets and Junk food will make a person stronger. It is a very serious issue if the children are watching these types of concepts on Television all day long.

 The other big con is that the main Character Motu always steals the Samosa from the street side chaiwala (Vendor) which is a very bad thing to show to the kids that are of young age. In terms of Animation it is really poor and of very low level. Though the animation industry in India has not reached its full potential and most of the Indian cartoons use the same type of Animations, it is still not good to look at. It is very bright and can give you a headache if you watch it for too long.

Other bad effects-

The main concern is that millions of kids are watching this cartoon show every day.  It doesn’t teach anything valuable to them on the other hand it teaches the kids to name the other kids based on their body composition. As the main characters are named on their Body composition itself. It can really lead your child to bully his friends unknowingly. Not only this but Stigmatisation and discrimination among the kids in their class and neighborhood. The show imprints in the mind of children that the fat people are dumb, stupid, and always hungry.

There is also enough Violence in every episode regarding the quarrel between John the don and Motu Patlu. There is a frequent number of threatening dialogues and fights in this Show. The children’s brain develops in the early stages of life so there is more harm than good in the mindset of children if they keep watching this type of TV cartoons.

What are the alternatives?

Even though India has not made much progress in the animation industry like other countries. There are many other good options for the TV Cartoon for the kids to watch.

No 1. Akhbar and Birbal-

Akhbar and Birbal is a show that is not only loved by the children but also by the parents. The show teaches the children that there is always a solution to every problem if you use your brain in the right manner. Birbal is the most intelligent character in the show. He often teaches the kids many teachings and morals which will help them succeed in life.

Akhbar and birbal
Akhbar and Birbal

No 2. Tenali Rama-

This show is also similar to the Akhbar And Birbal and teaches the kids valuable lessons of life.

No.3 Popeye the Sailor Man-

This show can be considered a little similar to Motu and Patlu in terms of violence. But it emphasizes more on eating Spinach rather than junk food and sweets to get powerful and strong. It encourages the kids to eat Spinach which is not like vegetable of by kids

Popeye The Sailor Man
Popeye who eats Spinach

No 4. Chacha Chaudhary-

Chacha Chaudhary is another cartoon series in which the wisdom and teachings are the main focus. It is a series of an old wise man who solves other people’s problem with his wisdom and with the help of his friend Sabu. This show also focuses on the moral of the story which is quite good for young kids.

No.5 Vikram and Betal-

This is one of the old-famous classic stories in India of the Great King whose wisdom is always tested by the Ghost of Betal. This series also teaches the kids various important virtues and morals needed for living a better life.

There are many other better options for Cartoon shows than Motu and Patlu. But it is really hard to find this type of shows that teaches your child good things in today’s world. Most of the parents are also responsible for not keeping track of what their kids are watching on a daily basis. It can bring a significant impact on their kid’s life.

King Vikram-Aditya
King Vikramaditya

Final Thoughts-

Motu and Patlu is not a great option for your child to watch at an early age. There are many other better alternatives for them to watch. A better investment of their time in learning things is really crucial even if they are watching Cartoons and enjoying their time.

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