Inuyashiki anime Review

Inuyashiki the last hero: Honest review and Ratings

If you haven’t seen Inuyashiki, you are really missing some fun. The anime is really based on the concept of robots and their mysterious existence among humans. 

 Inuyashiki the Last Hero anime is really worth watching and meets all the basic factors that good anime need. The plot of the story is great and the characters and their point of perspective are quite intriguing fun to watch.


Inuyashiki is an Anime that falls under the Genre of Body horror, science fiction, and superhero fiction. Inuyashiki is often seen in the group of violence and action anime but the level of philosophy expressed in the anime is mind-blowing. This anime gained quite popular when it was released. Considering all the factors such as hyperviolence, frequent killings in almost every episode, and a new style of animation, Inuyashiki still made its place inside the hearts of the anime fans all over the world.


This anime revolves around two guys first the old man named Mr. Inuyashiki and a teenager named Hiroshishigami. This is one of the few anime which features a different style of Protagonist (the main character). The main character or the main hero of this anime is a 58-year-old guy who transforms into a robot in an incident.

After the happening of some strange events, Mr. Inuyashiki starts using this robotics powers to help the humankind, trying to feel alive as he gets a feeling of being present in this world when he saves a life. On the other hand, the teenage guy Hiroshishigami feels alive when he kills someone or takes their lives. Both the Protagonist and the Antagonist’s perspective towards the world is the main focus in this anime. There is of course a lot of killing and violence in this anime but the message expressed throughout the whole anime is Amazing!!

(You can the trailer check this trailer. If you are thinking of watching Inuyashiki)

Inuyashiki Anime Trailer

Why should you watch Inuyashiki the Last Hero??

Science Fiction-

  If you have always been a fan of science fiction and robots action anime, my friend you should definitely watch this anime. The transformation of the old Man Mr. Inuyashiki is as great as the transformer animations. If the possibilities of the robotic future excite you to the core, this anime will do its magic on you. For the people who don’t like Robots and futuristic stuff, it might be a difficult pick for you in the beginning but there is much more to the story rather than just being limited to robots and science fiction.

A lot of action-

  You will definitely find Inuyashiki one of the most violent and disturbing because of the huge killing scenes in the anime. It also means there is a lot of action in the Anime. With scenes like in air fights and more technical stuff and you will definitely see some bang-bang in this anime.

A new Type of Protagonist-

  Most of the anime industry is taken by the stylish and hot looking protagonist. New changes to the perspective of the protagonists are always appreciated in the anime world. The Protagonist’s introduction to the anime fans was similar or even higher than the introduction of the bald Guy (One-punch Man). You will definitely like the Old guy than most of the other teenage protagonists.

The high content of Philosophy-

The ever-going debate of what is good or bad, which defines it as good or bad. The Anime is filled with a lot of philosophy and the different views of people according to their mindset. Like the high philosophy of Naruto (if you haven’t seen it click on Naruto) context, it is quite similar. (e.g. Meaning of life etc)

No of episodes and seasons in Inuyashiki The Last Hero-

Episodes- 11

It has only 1 season

Inuyshiki Anime Review and ratings

Pros and Cons of Inuyashiki The Last hero-


Apart from all the reasons why you should watch it, the anime series contains only 11 episodes with no filler episodes. So you don’t need a strong commitment to watch this anime like One Piece(if you haven’t seen it click on One Piece). The ending was also good and emotional.

 The Anime opening and the anime ost were loved by many of the anime fans and you will like it too. The animations part of this anime is really taken to the next level with high 3d graphics. The 3d animation really suits this anime as it mostly spoils the game for much other Anime who has tried it. This anime is also converted into a real-life movie if you are interested to watch this trailer

Inuyashiki Movie trailer


  Inuyashiki is really filled with a lot of violent scenes. Some of you may find it disturbing if you have not experienced such kind of anime. If you are a person of weak and soft heart this is not for you. This anime is also not advised for the young kids.

Similar Anime like Inuyashiki The Last Hero-

  1. Death Note
  2. Parasyte the Maxim
  3. Ajin
  4. Gantz
  5. Occultic; Nine
  6. Tokyo Ghoul

About Writer/Author/Artist of Inuyashiki

This a Japanese manga series was written by a Japanese mangaka named Hiroya Oku. He is also famous for the series Gantz, hero one, and Hen. He was published in the weekly shonen jump. The animation is very good and has 3d visuals. The storyline of the characters is very good especially the storyline of Hiroshishigami.

Ratings of Inuyashiki The last hero-

Action- 8 out of 10

Drama/Romance- 4 out of 10

Gag- 2 out of 10

Suspense- 5 out of 10

Plot- 10 out of 10

Thrill- 8 out of 10

Characters- 10 out of 10

Anime Ost- 9 out of 10

Anime opening and ending songs- 10 out of 10

Animations- 9 out of 10

(These ratings are according to my own knowledge and experience these ratings may differ according to other people’s perspective)

Final Thoughts-

Inuyashiki has its pros and cons but it is a good change of pace for the people who have been watching teenage kids as the main protagonist. The overall storyline, twist, and characters are engaging and entertaining. It will be really worth watching for people who don’t like the futuristic theme that much. It is a great Anime to add in your Watch anime List.

If you have already seen it Please tell your views in the comment section. We highly appreciate the views of our fellow otakus.

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