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These memes are only for fun, it is not meant to offend anybody regarding religion, gender, race, or any other discrimination. These memes are only made for fun and fun only.

Indian Anime memes (Please support Indian Anime content creators)



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  • Here’s a classic dialogue used in India- Reference Naruto shippuden(Click on Naruto to know more about this anime): Itachi meme

(Hindi meme)

itachi paap lazy weeb

  • The meme that can be used during the election in making banner. I know that this will be the game changer in Elections- Reference Naruto Shippuden (Hindi meme)

Lazy weebs hindi chunav

  • Dharma war- The envitable war  Reference Naruto shippuden (Hindi meme)
dharma war lazy weeb

  • Vs. meme between Hinata and Sakura Reference Naruto shippuden (Hindi meme)
hindi vs. meme lazy weeb

  • Vs. meme between Naruto and Sasuke Reference Naruto shippuden (Hindi meme)
lazy weeb hindi vs. meme

  • Reference Naruto shippuden
pitaji lazy weeb

  • You Shall Know pain Meme- Reference Naruto shippuden
pain lazy weeb meme

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  • Meme related to the Swach bharat Abhiyan- Reference Naruto Shippuden
Itachi- Swachta abhiyan Indian Weebs

  • The Genjutsu every Indian Mom uses and I know everyone falls for this one at least once on their lifetime- Reference Naruto Shippuden
Indian weebs itachi
Nhi aaunga!!

  • How to Obtain Sharingan  tips and tricks- Reference Naruto Shippuden
Indian weebs Sharingan

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If anime villains were smart

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  • Only Itachi fans will Understand- Reference Naruto shippuden
Itachi soap senpai

  • Love is War- Reference Kaguya-Sama Love is WAR
love is war soap sempai

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  • Vpn problems that only Indian Guys can Understand-
Vpn Animon sempai

  • Which one is more difficult to find One piece or Jatt da Muqabla- Reference One Piece ( Click on One Piece to know more About this anime)
jatt Animonsempai

  • Anime Motivation- Reference Naruto Shippuden
same Animon sempai

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  • ____
bhagvadgeeta pm sempai

  • Real Truth about Indian- Support Indian Anime content creators
samaj pm sempai

He is also known for his funny anime edits. Check his Instagram account for more amazing content.

Many Indian anime fans are trying to make their living by doing cosplay, making fan arts, doing anime commentary, and starting YouTube channels making videos about anime. These people are often stopped by society and even by their parents and close friends. It is very discouraging for the people who are trying to do it for the first time.

Many times the artworks, Hindi Amv, Asmv, and youtube channels are called cringe by the society. It is very hard to rise in such an environment where no one supports the creator and their ideas. Still, many YouTube channels and artists are able to rise despite hate and struggles.

There are many problems faced by Indian anime Fans. I have written an article if you are interested click- Anime fan Condition in India

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