I want to eat your pancreas review and rating

I want to eat your Pancreas- Anime Movie Review and Ratings (Kimi No Suizou wo Tabetai)


I want to eat your pancreas is one of the most underrated movies in the Anime world. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have never heard of this name before. This is not a movie based on the Zombie Apocalypse or cannibalism as the movie name suggests. It is a romantic movie! Yes! It is! Here is the review of the Movie.


Kimi No Suizou Wo Tabetai movie is about a boy named Shiga Haruki who is just a loner and has an interest in reading books. One day he accidentally reads a book lying in the hospital which is a diary of the girl named Sakura who is dying with the pancreas disease. The girl is in the same class as the protagonist and Haruki is the only guy who knows about the truth of Sakura’s disease apart from her parents. Sakura somehow feels like this is a possibility to live with him freely as he knows about her truth. As he will be more real with her and he will not tell anyone her secret as he is a loner himself.

I want to eat your pancreas review and rating
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Now the thing is how does the writer named the Movie “I want to eat your pancreas”. Actually it is based on the ancient saying in Japan that “If you are suffering from a heart disease you should eat the heart if the animals to heal your heart, similarly the movie name suggests that she should eat the Pancreas to Survive her terminal Pancreas illness (As a metaphor)

Why you should watch this?

It’s a complete package-

The Animation of this movie is great; the movie has a slow-paced and it is peaceful till the mid of the movie. It is the same for the fun as the movie moves forward the condition becomes grim. You can compare this movie to the “fault in our stars”.

It’s painful-

It is a sad movie unlike the movies with always a happy ending. If you are an emotional person you will like this movie. There are chances you will get reminded of your Girlfriend even if you don’t have one. This movie might make you fell into depression.

Pros and Cons-


The movie’s storyline is Awesome. Even though you can predict the story ahead while watching it but it still manages to maintain the interest till the end. The twist in the end might surprise the Hell out of you. The last thing is you might cry while watching this movie as it is a highly emotional movie and I would suggest that you watch it with your loved ones.


There are some cons in this movie that if you are already in a depression of not having a great relationship and a love life, then my friend this movie is not for you. You will get a hardcore depression. The main thing that this Movie is underrated is because of the unhappy ending. Many people don’t like this, maybe that’s one of the reasons why you have not heard of this movie.

Similar Anime Movies-

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About Author/ Writer/ Artist-

Yoru Sumino is a Japanese writer who wrote the novel named “I want to eat your Pancreas” or “Let me eat your Pancreas” which was later adapted into the manga series and then into Two films after that. The movie is animated by the studio called “Studio VOLN”. The movie was released on September 1, 2018.


Action- 0 out of 10

Drama/Romance- 10 out of 10

Gag- 7 out of 10

Suspense-6 out of 10

Plot- 9 out of 10

Thrill- 4 out of 10

Characters- 9 out of 10

Anime Ost- 7 out of 10

Animations- 9 out of 10

(These ratings are according to my own knowledge and experience these ratings may differ according to other people’s perspective)

I hope this article helped you Understand this movie.

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