Dr.Stone Review: A New Genre in Shonen Anime [Honest Review]

                    Dr.Stone is one of the greatest shonen that came out in summer 2019, with an incredibly new concept that grabbed the attention of anime viewers all over the world. It quickly became a hit, ranking as one of the best anime of 2019 becoming the most popular anime of the season with a current score of 8.18/10 on

                        Dr.Stone is about a boy named Senku that decides to build the world again when he wakes up 3700 years later with the help of science. His dream is to restore the world back to its modern glory after a strange phenomenon that petrified every human on earth.


                Senku is a boy in high school who is in love with science and spends all his time trying to learn new things by experimenting. Along with him is his friend Taiju with a muscular build but not very smart who is also in love with a girl named Yuzuhira in their class. He always helps Senku in his experiments and becomes the test subject for him. One day a strange light is observed which covered the whole earth petrifying everyone on the face of the earth.


                     The story continues when Senku wakes up in 5738 AD after 3700 years in a post-apocalyptic world. But this weird boy is excited by this disaster ready to build the world and civilization back to the way with the help of science. Even though he is the smartest high school kid, he is not strong and also not good at crafting stuff. So he depetrifies his friends Taiju and Yuzuhira to help him in his mission.

                     But everything doesn’t go according to his plan when a boy who Senku revived decides to go against him. Apparently the boy – Tsukasa Shishio is the strongest primate who decides that restoring the civilization back using science is the wrong choice. He believes if they use science the world will again become the one where it is ruled by the rich people rules and poor people suffer.

                 He decides to change a village he found to science village by providing them with services using science. At first, they are against his sorcery methods to do things, but by helping the villagers he wins their heart and turns it into a part of the Kingdom of Science.

                Senku encounters many problems in his journey and solves them with science, finding new friends in his journey creating his kingdom of science.

Why should you watch Dr.Stone-

A new genre in the shonen anime

               Dr.Stone has a completely new plot different from the typical shonen genre. The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world with no modern technology like the Stone Age. Besides the mysterious phenomenon that petrifies everyone, Dr.Stone is completely based on real-life science and the world with no fiction making it all the more relatable and exciting. Everything shown in the anime is absolutely true and based on science which makes it realistic.

A great and overpowered main character-

                 Now you will ask, “How this twig like weak looking character is overpowered?”

                 The main character is overpowered in the sense that this 15-year-old high school kid has the knowledge of everything. He is great at maths, master in chemistry, biology, and physics. You never see him stuck with a problem in science; he has a solution for everything. Even Goku has to train sometimes to get stronger to defeat the villain.

                  The voice actor of the main character has done a great job and his dialogues ending with 10 billion percent makes the main character more interesting.

The Wonders of Science and a fun learning experience-

                    If you are weak in science then this is the anime for you. Dr.Stone has beautifully shown many real-life applicable uses of science which makes an awesome learning experience. Which lazy Otaku wouldn’t want to watch this anime to have fun and learn some stuff about science at the same time? This anime is also kid-friendly and if you are a parent then make them watch this anime, the kids will learn at least a few things about science.


                    Making soap, a cell phone, glasses, information about various elements, and detailed information about various chemical reactions make this anime completely said above other anime. They even teach you to make Cola!!

A feeling of Gratitude-

                When you watch Dr.Stone and see how much effort goes into making an object that we use daily like electricity, glasses, and cell phone a feeling of gratitude is created. Watching them struggle in Stone Age makes you wonder about how to advance human civilization has become and how much easy our life has become due to these inventions.

                 We also feel thankful to the scientists who invented such marvelous things that seemed impossible (almost like sorcery) before they were actually done.


             Dr.Stone is one of the anime that is the closest to real life. The main character isn’t some gifted individual; he gained all the knowledge he has by his incredible interest in science and by reading a ton of books. He isn’t right every time and he makes mistakes too but what makes him a shonen protagonist is that he doesn’t give up and keeps on trying until he makes it happen.

If you are interested in watching this anime, Check out its trailer-

No. of episodes and seasons in Dr.Stone-

As of now only one season of Dr.Stone has been released.

Season 1 has 24 episodes in total.

The second season Dr.Stone wars is postponed to released on January 2021 because of the global pandemic.

Pros and cons of Dr.Stone-


              Besides great voice actors, Dr.Stone has really great animation. It is being animated by TMS/8PAN animation studio which has done an incredible job in creating beautifully depicting the post-apocalyptic world with its wide-open sky and bright stars. The opening of the anime is great with awesome animation having a motivational tune to it.

              Dr.Stone has some very unique characters each having a special talent that help them building the science kingdom. One is being the muscles while the other is the brain and they work together to accomplish their goals, which shows the importance of teamwork. They even have mentalists in their team!!

                                 Apart from all the reasons why you should watch it, the anime series contains only 24 episodes with no filler episodes.


        Dr.Stone even though being a shonen anime does not contain that many action/fight scenes, but don’t you worry the second season Dr.Stone: Stone Wars is looks promising in terms of action as its name suggests WAR!!

         Even though I have said that Dr.Stone is one of the most realistic anime, there are many unrealistic things in the anime like the main character kept a count of the seconds passed for 3700 years to keep track of time and stay conscious which totally seems humanly impossible. And Tsukasa the strongest primate who is just a high school student killed a lion with a bare-fisted and that too in a single punch.

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Ratings of the Dr. Stone-

Action- 7 out of 10

Drama/Romance- 6 out of 10

Gag- 8 out of 10

Suspense- 8 out of 10

Plot- 9 out of 10

Thrill- 7 out of 10

Characters- 8 out of 10

Anime Ost-9 out of 10

Anime opening and ending songs- 8 out of 10

Animations- 8 out of 10

(These ratings are according to my own knowledge and experience these ratings may differ according to other people’s perspective)

About Writer/Author/Artist of Dr.Stone-

                  Dr.Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. Dr. Stone has been serialized since March 2017 in Weekly Shonen Jump. Riichiro is also known for Eyeshield 21.

                       The writer of Dr.Stone also teaches how to make cola the same way Senku made in the anime on a YouTube video. If you want the video click on the below video-

Final thoughts-

         Whether you are a veteran anime watcher or just new to anime you will like this anime and enjoy watching it. Dr.Stone is a really great and unique shonen that has a lot of potentials. So don’t forget to add Dr.Stone to your ‘Anime Watch List’.

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