Condition of anime and it’s fans in India!!

Are you an Indian Anime fan? Well, most of the people like anime but are unaware of Anime, to begin with. The Indian kid’s entertainment was filled with shows like Dragon Ballz, Naruto, Beyblade, Bluee Dragon, Bakugan, Digimon, One Piece (Yeah One Piece was too broadcasted in India and very few knew about it), Zatch bell, Ultimate Muscle, Pokémon series, etc. And I bet you have seen at least one or other in your childhood and have loved it. Still, the anime Fans in India are not in a better situation.

Wrong mindset-

The main problem that the Anime fans in India face is the people criticize them for watching anime because they think that are Cartoons. The mindset of Indians can’t differentiate between anime and cartoon and it’s not their fault. The anime and cartoons were often broadcasted together on the Kids entertainment section.

But the difference is huge there are many differences between cartoons and Anime. This is apparently a much wide topic that we can discuss on. But I can tell you about the essentials. The primary and main difference is that the Cartoons are the series in which the story starts in episode 1 and ends in Episode one, next episode the same characters and new story. As in anime the story continues, the plot and characters develop over time and the story has a proper ending unlike most of the cartoons.

There are over 7 such broad topics that differentiate Anime from Cartoons. If you want to read more about it, I have written an article on it-

Indian Cartoons Vs. Anime: Top 7 difference

This mindset is mostly present in the minds of the parents but there are even teenagers who are unaware of the difference between Cartoon and Anime.

Wrong target Audience-

The most common mistake that happened in India was the children were targeted for the potential audience of anime shows. As the Anime is more like a storytelling show unlike the cartoons it is more suitable for mature minds to understand the complex stories in some of the anime. The Indian government also made pretty many changes in the content of the Anime; they changed the dialogue and cut many scenes that contained sexual content as it was not appropriate for the kids. They didn’t notice that it was not made for children in the first place. And this later turned out to the banning of anime in India as it was not good for kids.

The kids liked the Anime like Naruto, Blue dragon, and much other anime. Even though they were having a high content of philosophy and things that couldn’t be understood by the immature brain.

No source to watch anime-

After Animax was removed for Indian Channels, Indian anime fans had no proper source to watch anime. It was the only free source that the Indian Anime fan had as it was mostly covered in the cable connection fees and mostly everyone had a television set.

Nowadays most of the Indian audiences are watching Anime through pirated sites with lots of ads and continuous pop-ups. Though there is a rise in options recently as many membership Apps such as Netflix and Amazon prime are Including various anime in there watch list. So the condition is getting pretty good but it is growing at a slow pace.

Rise in the fan following –

The Indian fan following is growing steadily over the course of time. As you can see it form the Graph we obtained through the Google search trends in India-

India Anime search graph

The graph is even expected to rise exponentially in the near future. Talking about the regions in India that are more exposed to the anime. You can watch the distribution on the India map. The darker regions in the map search more about anime-related stuff than others.

As you can see the States like Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, and Manipur are more ahead than the other states.

I really found it sad that Delhi, Maharashtra and many other developed states are still lacking behind and are present at only 6% of the search results.

If you compare the graph with the United States the graph is much high than in India. The traffic is also evenly distributed in the United States as you can see below-

United states anime search graph

Issues that Indian Anime fans face-

Internet Issues-

In India, very few anime fans have good internet connectivity and very few of them have Wifi routers. This is one of the biggest problems we face when we watch Anime as it is only available online.

Language Barrier-

Another most important issue is that Anime is always available either in Japanese or English. And neither of them is our national language, it cuts down a huge population for the list of people that could watch anime. Many of the people find the Japanese language and there accent annoying and others find watching series with subtitles annoying. This reason will still continue to stunt the growth of Anime fans in India.

Being a Secret Anime fan-

Being a secret anime fan is pretty common in India. Many of the fans don’t like to declare that they are an anime fans. The main reason is they are afraid of what other people will think about them (Most people- Oh he is such a grown-up man but he is still watching a cartoon on his phone or Laptop)

The other thing why the Indian Anime fans like to keep it a secret is because of the sexual content that is always present in anime in one way or another. Indians are more sensitive towards this content and are not open to things related to this type of content.

Still, there are people who declare themselves as anime fans and are proud of them (People like us). Now more people are spotted watching anime while traveling on trains and many other places. So the situation is getting better day by day.

Low support for Indian Starters-

Many Indian anime fans are trying to make their living by doing cosplay, making fan arts, doing anime commentary, and starting YouTube channels making videos about anime. These people are often stopped by society and even by their parents and close friends. It is very discouraging for the people who are trying to do it for the first time.

Many times the artworks, Hindi Amv, Asmv, and youtube channels are called cringe by the society. It is very hard to rise in such an environment where no one supports the creator and their ideas. Still, many YouTube channels and artists are able to rise despite hate and struggles.

Not respecting Others Opinion-

Many of the Indian anime fans are only a fan of a particular anime and they don’t like if other anime fans criticize there anime. And I think that it is pretty common with anime fans all over the world.

The anime preferences of everyone are different, someone may like action, romance, horror, science fiction, and many other genres. But someone might only be interested in Action series and may find romance Genre as trash. Indian anime fans don’t respect other preferences and opinions.

Anime Community-

As you may have already known there is no such big anime community present in India. The people who like anime are hard to find in the offline world. There are many places where you can find anime fans online. But in the offline world, it’s very hard even to find one person who likes anime not because they are low in number, it is because of the point that I explained earlier- They are a secret fan and they don’t want to disclose this publicly.

Though in recent years many anime-cons/ Comic-cons were arranged in big cities of India and many fans gathered at places. I hope there will be soon a big community in India to represent anime Fans all over India.

Here is the picture of Anime-con Mumbai that I attended

Anime-con Mumbai

Merchandise Availability-

There is a very low no of anime Stores, cafes, and comic stores available in India. The online prices are just too high to afford for a normal guy. But still, people are interested in Anime merchandise and are ready to spend money. This is another reason that Anime fans have to face in India.

Anime merchandise

The other main thing is there are very few Ramen shops in India. If you are a Naruto fan I can understand how bad you feel about this. So there are still many things left for the Indian Anime fans to experience in the near future.

Final Thoughts-

There are many things that Indian Anime fans have to face. But I think that India should start Anime soon in India. As a matter of fact, Japan should too ease down the Licensing and make some development in the anime to make it compatible with the Indian censor board rules and regulations. There are stills many good experiences left for the Indian Anime fans to discover.

If you are a beginner in the World of Anime please check this article out-


And here are some Anime suggestions for you to watch for starters-

(Click on the Anime Title in the below list to get a detailed Review about that Anime)

  1. Death Note
  2. Naruto
  3. One Piece
  4. Ore Monogatari
  5. Hajime No Ippo
  6. Run with the Wind
  7. Inuyashiki the Last hero

These anime will help you understand a little about each type of genre and then you can choose which your favorite is and continue with your Journey in the Anime World.

If I missed any point in this article that you know, An Indian anime fan faces let me know in the comments section. We highly appreciate the views of our fellow otakus.

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