Code Geass (review and ratings): (No Spoiler)

Code Geass is one of the best anime which is compared with the death note series. It consists of two seasons with 25 episodes in each. It has a great fan following all over the world. The character Lelouch is also considered one of the best characters made.

  Code Geass is great anime considering its Genre. Both seasons are well developed and engaging. It has all the things that a great anime needs such as strategical plots, Great actions, and fighting mechanism, a little pinch of science fiction, and fantasy. Overall it is a great anime to watch and to add in your “To watch list”


Code Geass is an anime which is based on the war between the Brittania and the Japanese people. As the Brittania has taken over Japan and renamed it as the Area 11. And all the Japanese have become their slaves. Then a boy named Lelouch comes into the picture where he tries to revolt against Brittania for making the world a better place for her sister to live. His sister is blind and cannot walk.

In an accident, he gains a power named Geass through which he can hypnotize anyone by looking in the eye. Then he forms an organization under the masked leader called Zero.

code geass

The Protagonist is a very smart guy and is great in chess and strategy making. The era in which the characters are living is of very high technology and everything is automatic and is done with the help of the robots. So you will see a very high amount of robotic fights and action scenes.

There is a mixture of great plots in this series everything is related to each other so you better watch this anime with full focus.

Why should you watch Code Geass??

Lots of strategically designed plot-

  If you like strategical animes, this might be the best option for you. As this series contains 2 seasons and a total of 50 episodes there is not even 1 episode you will feel like skipping. I will try that this section is still spoiler-free so don’t worry. Lelouch is good with games like chess which will make you understand that the plot should be according to the character’s personality.

Every plan always has a very high stake and no error can be expected in any way. Both the protagonist and the antagonist are of a high caliber in this field. It is surely a great anime if you have watched death note, Babylon, and other psychological anime.

 Both Code Geass season one (Also known as Code Geass R1) and Code Geass Season two (also known Code Geass R2) have a great storyline. This is not like some anime in which you will get pretty hyped up and when you watch the second season, you feel what is this crap!!

Amazing Code Geass Character’s story-

Every Code Geass characters have a special play in the plot. The characters have a unique personalities and characteristics. You will never feel like this character or that character has been left out of the plot.

code geass

  The character development of Lelouch and his friend and sister is quite amazing throughout the course. There are many places where the protagonist questions himself if he is doing a great job or not.

Thrill and suspense-

   The thrill and suspense in this anime is on a whole another level. From the start to the end you won’t get bored even for a second. This anime is perfect for binge-watching. Though it will take some time to build an interesting plot and trust me it is always worth it.

Futuristic action-

As this anime is mostly dependent on the storyline, strategy, and tactics completely, it also offers a lot of fighting and action scenes to the viewers. As the theme is way too advance what will be a better match if it is joined with the Advanced and high-level robotic fight scenes.

This anime has a sort of animation like the transformers movie transformation. The robots used in this anime slides and have different and unique weapons and technologies. So this anime has a better overall composition of fights and strategies. 

 Don’t forget this anime also has a superpower to control the minds of other people so there’s also a part of science fiction in this anime. The plot really becomes great when we see how the Protagonist uses it to make his plans successful.


 The philosophy of living life plays an important role in this anime. Mainly this part is focused on the Character named “Suzaku Kururugi”. He is one of the righteous guys in the series who opposes the protagonist to use his special powers against the people to control them beyond their will.

code geass
Suzaku Kururugi

 The mindset of the characters and their point of view towards the world makes the storyline even more interesting. This may confuse you to pick a side considering who is right and who is wrong.

 And there is a possibility you might like Lelouch in the beginning and hate him afterward and might start liking him again. Your opinion on him will change throughout the series. 

Animation style-

The animation style of Code Geass may feel a little odd in the starting few episodes but you will get a hang of it. Many of the animators and mangaka try different animation styles to stand out in this intensively competitive environment.

 Well the animation style somewhat matches with the fighting scenes and action scenes in Code Geass.

If you are interested in watching Code geass, Checkout its trailer-

Pros and Cons of Code Geass-


  Code Geass is an absolute Entertainment packed anime that any Otaku will crave for. The thrills, suspense, action, and mind-blowing twists will definitely make you and Otaku if you are not already. Besides the madness, profanity, and a lot of violence; the storyline is quite engaging and interesting.

 This anime has an of 52 episodes and none of them feel like it is a filler and they are unnecessarily extending the anime. The pace of the anime is normal. It also doesn’t need a strong commitment like the other big series like Naruto and One Piece.

There is also a three-part theatrical film remake of the original anime series. Both the stories in the series and movies similar, the biggest events and plots are the same. There are very few changes in the overall story.

But I will recommend that you watch the anime Version as it is more detailed and longer version.


 These cons may depend on person to person and you may agree with some of them and also you may oppose some of the cons (Don’t fill my comment section with hate comments Please LOL)

 The action scenes with the robots doesn’t really suit the plot and the political situations. Some of the viewers really don’t like robots and such high-level science stuffed action scenes. It really spoils the suspense and thriller part. It is also considered a little childish because of the robots used in Fights.

 The second main con is the animation style as the characters really have a different face composition and almost everyone has a pointy chin and face. The body structure is also like a stick man with long thin hands and legs. Many of the viewers don’t appreciate the animation style.

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About Writer/Author/Artist of Code Geass-

Code Geass is a Japanese manga series written by the Japanese manga writer named Ichiro Okouchi Sensei. As this anime is compared to the death note series in terms of concept and plot making, you may have a fair idea about it if you have already watched death note. The writer has really given his time making the plots to amaze the audience. 

Ratings for Code Geass-

Action- 9 out of 10

Drama/Romance- 6 out of 10

Gag- 2 out of 10

Suspense- 9 out of 10

Plot- 10 out of 10

Thrill- 9 out of 10

Characters- 9 out of 10

Anime Ost- 7 out of 10

Anime opening and ending songs- 7 out of 10

Animations- 8 out of 10

(These ratings are according to my own knowledge and experience these ratings may differ according to other people’s perspective)

Final thoughts-

  Code Geass is really an anime worth watching. The plot and the storyline are really mind-blowing, it is really one of its kind in this genre. This anime is really enough to make you an anime fan. You will never regret watching this anime. It takes some time to build some of the plots but it is really worth waiting. You will really like it.

______Spoiler Alert_______

Read this only if you have watched Code Geass-

If you have not watched it yet I don’t recommend you reading the last paragraph. And if you have watched it this is for you.

code geass
Spoiler Ahead

I personally think that Code Geass was actually better than the Death note particularly due to the ending of both series. I never cry when I watch anime, but when Lelouch died I cried, well I also cried when Itachi of Naruto series died and the Koro Sensei of assassination classroom died. But the ending was good in the code Geass.

  Well, personally I don’t think that Lelouch died because he has already developed Geass in both eyes just like his father and might have gained immortality. And the way they c.c talks to the driver at the end of the series makes it clear that Lelouch has not died.

Tell me what you think about the ending in Code Geass in the comment section. We highly appreciate the views of our fellow otakus.

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